Friday, 10 January 2014

The benefits of vitamin d I know you've rethought had to get the message out to the public write a book two thousand four of the you'll be advantage first page I said I don't advocate tanning those that do should do it responsibly no question excessive exposure to sunlight way increase is going on the skin cancer but everybody worries about melanoma most melanomas occur on the least son exposed areas occupational studies.
Closure actually decreases your risk irritants lifetime sun exposure is associated with lower risk of malignant melanoma right drove us hint of dermatology two thousand three ethnicity of the sun is a little bit different or the dermatologist think of it right no question about it right shoo is some wants he's got as tamp he's got a bill Clinton’s name right one because you would think he instituted hand washing chlorinated water back in there midnight eighteen forties because he realized those so-called experts were coming out of autopsies of delivering babies and if there was a dialect flies and the midwives who actually were clean didn't have as much mortality and indeed the thought leaders talk bout was so amiss obviously bad humor as we know that assoc he would have to show I did study the thought leaders always of the third time and those who hand wash.
Then so you think all my god skies fantastic right we're doing all kinds of awards they felt that is this poor guy tell mesa a tin yes videos rejoice lots ellerslie it he committed himself to the same asylum airport tie-dyed inciting and when he was in his forty seventh infectious MAXIMUM SHRED advise you that so I see the tone for submission have you ever been on rounds were going to let artist didn't like the kinder gentler view on life is so thick analyzes this in the subpoenas character so life getting a from his mom inside out so all of us on his goodness also do it perhaps ten minutes a day this time of year is about right he was white on target they have this was having a side of the demand for more than forty years and jobs right so if I thought message in Australia guests who this is .
That's illustrated overtone to sandracation and they measure the vitamin d status eighty seven percent more vitamin deficient everyone heard about this strong as you know he couldn't stop the no deal for them right exactly in fact it's been associated with schizophrenia that depression and dementia and so even cognitive decline has been associated with vitamin d deficiency it's no question about it.
That our populations become more vitamin deficient from nineteen ninety four two thousand four y because of obesity because of increase some protection and because the decrease ma consumption right even taught you can get it from your diet you can't get it from your diet last weekend but only under certain.